More fun at at Cocktail Cove, Misery Island
Well here we are again. A fine August afternoon in 2006 back at Cocktail Cove with Mary Dawn, Nicki, Jackie, Christine, Michelle and the men folk. Debi was there too, but she said not to mention her name. 
I just love these summer days..                                                          Jamie
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A Captain is often called upon to to assist his crew in many circumstances. What did Tim do that made all these girls run away so fast??? Imagine you were in a hospital and Nicki was your nurse... The girls felt like posing.  Ok - so I asked them to do it.
What the hell is so funny???? Just having a little chat I guess. Wow! Look beyond the girls and check out that ship shape V-berth! Looks like the maid was here earlier. Christine dear, would you be so kind as to get me another Dom Perignon? And so THEN I said to him... <Insert girl talk here>
ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz......... Pokey dear, will you HOLD me?????? Now listen, girl. You need to stand EXACTLY here... A rose between two thorns...
George, if I took your picture, would you hold it against me??? Everywhere she goes, Debi insists on cleaning. Look at him. What in the HELL was my daughter THINKING???? Mama said there'd be days like this!
Chistine taking a dip in the crisp, clean, 70 degree Misery Island seawater. Yeeeaaahhhh. I can handle this. The crew posing with the captain - and what a fine crew it was. Up front on the High Anxiety is where it's at...
Soaking up the sun... Hey ma! Wanna know what Timmy just told me??? Why do I always have to take the pictures??? This sure beats beertending...

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