Bartenders' Day at the Cove
It took some scheduling, but finally, Shannon and Lizzie made it out for a day or two of sun and relaxing.
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Just kickin' back with a couple of the house special mudslides... Ladies, I've had a very trying day at sea. Can the captain get a hug???? Shannon is mixing cocktails on the aft deck. "Here, Lizzie, try this one." This picture was taken from the Donzi boat. The raft is leaking at a good clip and the girls are sitting in four inches of cold water. Can you see it in their faces???
I dunno. That water looks coldddd... Ahhh, what the HELL,, let's DO it!!! Splooooosh! Wow,,, THAT was refreshing!!!!
Time to stretch out and relax in the sun... "So Captain, where are all these young guys you promised us???" Company arrives and Page, mulling divorce possibilities, decides he isn't already in ENOUGH trouble... Suddenly, the girls spot an opportunity! Oh this is SO WRONG!!!!!

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